Stitch81Classic live with Kevin Gates

STITCH81CLASSIC Scrolling, behind the scenes

STITCH81CLASSIC Scrolling, behind the scenes

I had an amazing experience this weekend, met lots of amazing people, and learned lots of amazing new things… *Most notably that you really CAN achieve any dream you have! Anyway, don’t want to be too lengthy so in short, I’d like to share a small piece of my experience last night with you. For full video and exclusive behind the scenes footage, subscribe to the emailing list. Thanks for the love Little Rock!

Stitch81Classic live with Slick Rick

​"Loved that you got in on our group picture. We had a blast! - Fan May 12, 2016 Stitch live with Slick Rick!" "You killed that performance the show was hella dope!"

                                                                      ​”Loved that you got in on our group picture. We had a blast!”
“You killed that performance the show was hella dope!” -Fans May 2016


Shout out to the fans at the ‪#‎slickrick‬ ‪#‎stitch81classic‬ ‪#‎shamelessplug ‬event last Thursday. Y’all effin’ rocked! photo credit​: an awesome fan










Farmer’s Market Rehearsal

Had rehearsals for the Farmer’s Market Show! It went so great. The show is this Friday! At rehearsals we worked out all of the kinks for the show and now I’m ready to ROCK!

Stitch Meets With Marketing Team

What’s up everyone, it’s Stitch here! Today I’m writing straight from my meeting with the marketing team. Man, they are doing a great job building this website. We had some great talks about business and how building a business works. I’m so ready to make my dream come true! My business is finally going to be legit! You guys just don’t know how excited I am. I’m giving them some show footage so they can put together some awesome promo videos for the site. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! Also, finally setting up the official Original Crew Ent. LLC today! Are you guys ready for what Original Crew has coming?

-Stitch Signing Out

Certified Fresh

certified fresh family logo blog picJust finished chatting with my Certified Fresh Family Abnorm about hooking up this Thursday, September 11th to get his verse recorded for my NEW ALBUM. I don’t know if ya’ll are ready for this shit. All I can say is StyleStlye shits bout to get Gnarly! #classicstyle

The Record Bar

blog pic Vert at Pop up beat showHad A blast Thursday Night Performing at the Record Bar along side Vertigone for the Pop up beat show, and being able to see so many of the talented producers that I’ve watched blossom over the years in their element. If you weren’t able to attend, check out my Instagram page @stitcheightyone for a glimpse of what you missed.